What people say about Inside Peru:

“The Team at my internship was super friendly! I got along with them very well, also outside of work. I was integrated 100% and always felt part of it. The tasks were mostly exciting, sometimes quite a lot of administrative work but that also has to be done.
My host family was very nice, great room and food.
The service of Inside Peru was very uncomplicated and personal. I knew who to talk to in case of problems. I was happy about the airport transfer. I was pleased all around and would instantly recommend Inside Peru!”

Kathrin Loosli, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

“About my internship I especially liked the very personal and amicable contact with my colleagues, which was quite different from my experiences in Germany so far. Thus I was also able to improve my Spanish skills. The work in itself was very scientific and academic and it’s comparable with work in a research institution.
What I most liked about my accommodation was the constant contact with many different people from all over the world. The 15 rooms were occupied by people from many different countries and that’s how I immediately found union and new friends in a big city like Lima.
The Spanish course was very intense but beneficial. Especially during the first week, when I got the feeling that I had never learned Spanish before (although I had it for five years in school), it was a very good refreshment of grammar and vocabulary.
Last but not least I was very satisfied with Inside Peru’s service. I always had quick and friendly reply to all my requests. The internship placement was smooth and professional. Everything worked well. A stay in South America is a big challenge for everyone. I was happy to get so much support in finding an internship and an accommodation. Inside Peru made things so much easier for me. Also for my family in Germany it was very reassuring to know that there was always someone available in case of emergency. I would like to bring out the airport transfer and the personal assistance on my first work day. Lima seems so huge in the beginning and it’s hard to imagine to be able to orient oneself. To come to the aid of a local person has made my adaptation phase so much easier.”

Kathrin Oestringer, University of Mannheim, Germany

“I liked my internship a lot. Very nice colleagues and friendly manners. The tasks were quite diverse and I was involved in the organization’s work. Altogether this was a great experience.
The service of Inside Peru is wonderful. The placement and the direct contact was quick and very friendly. I felt to be in good hands. Also the price-performance ratio is very good. The airport transfer and the company on my first work day in Peru also worked smoothly. The monthly meetings for interns in Peru are a great thing!
The accommodation was situated in a quiet and safe area (Santiago de Surco). It was very nice – enough bathrooms and a nice common space. The rooms were good furnished and cosy. Everything was clean and there was cleaning twice a week. Ana Maria, the landlord, was totally hearty and interested. Good choice!”

Janin Martens, Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

“In my internship I especially liked the work with children and the chance to participate in a poor family’s life in one of the poorer districts of Lima.
I was totally satisfied with the service of Inside Peru. All offered services worked very well: organization of my accommodation, internship and Spanish course, airport transfer and attendance on my first day at work.
I was very happy with my accommodation. I met many new people, the apartment was clean and had all necessary devices and cleaning service twice a week. Also the location was really great (several markets and shops right around the corner), quiet and good connection to public transport.”

Thomas Kivelitz, Mönchengladbach, Germany

“I can warmly recommend my internship to everyone. In every moment I’m involved in the planning and process of my internship, the coordination is transparent and considers constantly my interests. Above all I liked the diversity of my different tasks. The project gives me many different possibilities to get involved.
Above all I liked the informal and uncomplicated contact with the team of Inside Peru. They reacted very quickly and competent on any email request and they stood also available to talk to them by the phone. I felt good looked after. Also with regard to price Inside Peru is just unbeatable.”

Vanessa Gums, Koblenz-Landau University, Germany

“I liked the internship in Peru a lot because I was integrated in internal processes and could manage tasks independently. I felt I was giving a valuable support to the company and I think the internship was very useful for me. Regarding the service of Inside Peru: I always felt that I could contact someone in case of problems and the staff in Peru was very kind. The accommodation was excellent!”

Felix Beideck, University of Bochum, Germany

“I was very happy with my internship. My workplace had a great team of young and interesting people. The service of Inside Peru was uncomplicated, very helpful, answering quick and competent all my questions.”

Sebastian Fust, University of Zurich, Switzerland

“What I liked most about my workplace was that I was able to get to know the different aspects of Lima. During my stay I lived with a host family in San Isidro and worked in Villa El Salvador. This enabled me to get to know more than the usual touristy Lima and the population’s problems.
I was very pleased with my workplace and my tasks. In the beginning I had to get used a bit to the Latin-American work rhythm but then I could really enjoy it.
I was very satisfied with the organization of my placement through Inside Peru because it was so quick and uncomplicated. The contact was always friendly and very personal and I always felt I would get help if I would have had any problem.
I would definitely recommend Inside Peru because the placement fee is relatively low compared to other organizations and the assistance was great.”

Hannah Brandl, University of Erlangen, Germany

“I was very pleased with my job. At the beginning I was limited because of my Spanish level but the colleagues gave me a warm welcome and really made efforts to integrate me. During my stay I got more and more tasks with responsability.
Inside Peru was always fast and reliable in answering my questions. The placement, the airport transfer, the accommodation and the assistance on my first workday – everything worked out.
I couldn’t have imagined a better accommodation. I visited friends in other houses and they were much less lucky. I can recommend my accommodation to everyone who is new in Peru, wants to live in a safe area and meet new people.
Thank you very much for a secure and carefree stay in Peru.”

Judith K., University of Bonn, Germany

“I especially liked to work with all the many children, they were really kind and eager for knowledge. I was happy with my work place, the colleagues and my tasks.
I was very satisfied with the service and the placement of Inside Peru. I enjoyed their very good and personal advice. I also liked my accommodation. The family was very nice and caring. I didn’t miss anything. My Spanish course was very personal and I advanced pretty fast.
I would definitely recommend Inside Peru.”

Johannes T., Austria

“I absolutely loved my year in Peru. I will always look back on it as a defining time in my life. I made amazing friends, learned more than I can express, and became a better person. I am very grateful to Inside Peru for making this possible for me!”

Jackie Becker, Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas, USA

“The service of Inside Peru is very good. The placement, the pick-up service at the airport, the attendance on-site – everything was just perfect. The Spanish course, which I also booked with Inside Peru, was excellent. Also the organization of my accommodation worked very well and I had many options to choose from. I also really liked the attendance on-site. My person in support, Rubén, was very friendly and I knew that I could always call him in case of problems. Summing up I can only say: Top Service! I already recommended Inside Peru to my friends. Thank you so much for the excellent placement and the great Peru experience!”

S. Gerstmann, University of Graz, Austria

“Living together with my guest family was great. I really enjoyed the tasks during my internship. It was great that I was allowed to do my own lessons in class – I’m sure this wouldn’t have been possible in many other schools. I was able at any time to bring in my own ideas and creativity.
The contact with Inside Peru was very quick, friendly and personal. I really liked that. I also always had the feeling that I would get help in case of having a question or a problem. Also the guy who picked me up at the airport was very friendly.”

Leska S., University of Freiburg, Germany

“I was searching for a traineeship in Peru in order to complete the compulsory internship my faculty demands. Right before the deadline for submitting the traineeship contract to my university I contacted Inside Peru. Despite all the efforts made by the team of Inside Peru, a placement at such short notice unfortunately wasn’t possible. Shortly after receiving the response I got back my initial payment without any problem. Thanks a lot for your commitment and the great guidance!”

Mike P., University of Nuremberg, Germany

“In general I was very satisfied with my internship. I especially liked that I had quite a lot of autonomy. Inside Peru always answered very quickly my inquiries and in general I was very satisfied with their service. Especially the website is very informative. I would definitely recommend Inside Peru. I’ve already been abroad with several organizations and Inside Peru has one of the best price performance ratios.”

Sarah Schmid, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany

“I enjoyed my internship in Peru (Iquitos) a lot. What I most liked was that I was able to gain real insight into the culture and reality of the country. I worked in the project „sexual exploitation of minors“, which was partly preventive work (e.g. cooperation with schools) and psychological work (treatment of victims of sexual exploitation). I was completely satisfied with my tasks. Apart from typical trainee tasks I was also involved in psychological tasks. In this context I worked as a co-therapist with a participant of the program and I joined all group events. I also took part in family visits which helped a lot to gain insight into the real life of the people. I could always compare notes with the psychologist at any time. My co-workers were very kind and always open for questions. The team work was really fun. I was immediately integrated into the team and had also contact in private with my colleagues. Altogether I really enjoyed my work in Iquitos. The organization was professional and they do an important job. What I liked most about the service of Inside Peru was that they picked me up at my arrival in Peru and also went with me on my first workday. The people who picked me up were very kind. I was very pleased with the organization of my internship. The questions I had in preparation of my stay in Peru were always answered quick and professional. I’m thankful for the internship placement because I worked in a professional organization that provides trainees with valuable experiences. I would definitely recommend Inside Peru.”

Ilka B., University of Heidelberg, Germany

“When I had problems with my boss and one day couldn’t even reach him anymore I asked Inside Peru for help. I was very very happy about the fact that they helped me immediately! I wrote an email in the evening and they took action already the next day in the morning. That really helped me a lot.
Also the organization of my accommodation was great. I really enjoyed my time in that house :-)“

D. Ahn, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

“The internship placement and accommodation came off smashing.
The contact was very cordial and I always felt to be advised quickly and competently. Even the preparation time was a positive experience.
In Peru it was a big help to be picked up at the airport by Inside Peru. Thanks to Inside Peru I always had a contact person and contact to nice people. This definitely enriched my stay.
Altogether, I was more than satisfied with the support of Inside Peru. Thumbs up!”

Anja Kremzow, University of Bonn, Germany

“My compliments to the organization! During the last months I had looked at countless placement agencies, and there were hardly any (or none) with such an informative, good structured, and friendly website. Keep it up!”

Elke K., Austria

“I’m very happy with my internship, because during the last months I was not only able to learn about development work in urban areas but also a
lot about the Peruvian culture. I don’t think my contact with local people could have been any better than what I experienced in the last three months.
I was very pleased that I could start working immediately and that my boss was very committed and involved.
The placement process was quick and informal, which was a big plus. After only three days I knew how to prepare for my internship. The confidential and constant contact with the team of Inside Peru was very comforting. The ratio between the quality of the internship and the placement fee was entirely appropriate. Also, it means a great deal to be able to pick out an internship and at the same time get a reservation for an apartment. This made it all very easy!”

Katharina Becker, University of Potsdam, Germany

“I was totally happy with my internship. I gained experience and got many impressions about the working environment in Peru. Often I could contribute with my own ideas and solutions.
The service of Inside Peru was excellent and you guys acted very quickly. The offering was rich.
Inside Peru offered me a magnificent stay in Peru. I had four wonderful months. Thanks for the great time Inside Peru!!!!”

Dominik Gietl, Technical college Regensburg, Germany

“I was very happy with my work place and my tasks. I enjoyed working with people from marginal social areas and I gained a lot of new impressions and experiences. My work was very independent but I could always ask a colleague when I had doubts or questions.
I was very satisfied with the placement and the service of Inside Peru. I especially liked that it all was so quick and down-to-earth. I also enjoyed the monthly meetings with other interns, so I was able to compare notes with other interns and meet new friends. I would definitely recommend Inside Peru.”

Judith Mader, Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg, Germany

“What I liked most about my internship was the direct contact to the people. The tasks were many-sided and diversified. I learned a lot about languages and culture, which broadened my horizon. I especially liked the good organization and that I always got immediate help when I had questions. It was also a great relief to get help with the accommodation. Thank you for the good organization of the internship, I would always plan my internships with Inside Peru again.”

Lena G., Germany

“What I liked most was the life and the people in Peru, the experience to work in a different country, and to explore different ways of living and thinking. The work was very interesting. Inside Peru has good and eclectic offers and an attentive team with ready answers. I’m very satisfied with the service.”

Pauline Dayer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

“The service of Inside Peru was excellent! From the arrival in Peru to the return everything went just fine. Kudos especially to Karem, who organized meetings with the interns and visited sights with us.”

Ralf Hartmann, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany

“WOW, you were great! You answered all my questions quickly and effective and I always felt that I can rely on you. The assistance before and after my stay was great! I also liked that you connected the interns from different regions. Thank you!”

Ina-Marie Frevert, University of Potsdam, Germany

“I was very satisfied with the placement and the assistance I received from Inside Peru. You have a broad range of internships to choose from and I immediately found several options that corresponded to my interests. I especially liked the personal assistance. Every question and Email was answered very quickly and from the organization of the placement to my arrival everything was organized perfectly. I also liked that there was also contact during my stay in Peru and that I always had a contact person.”

Judith H., University of Freiburg, Germany

“In general I was very happy with the service of Inside Peru. It was exactly what I was searching for and a great help when I was searching for an internship abroad. You took care of the most difficult part, finding an organization and contacting them, and the language barrier was significantly reduced. Also the organization of the language course and the accommodation saved me a lot of time and led to good results. The fact that I was picked up at the airport and that I always had a contact person was very comforting and gave me a feeling of security in a new and unknown country.”

Michaela S., Maastricht University, Holland