Centro Sachamama

SCBR-Sachamama-Center-for-BioCultural-Regeneration-inside-peruSachamama Center for BioCultural Regeneration (SCBR) is a non-profit organization in the Peruvian High Amazon in the town of Lamas, Department of San Martin, dedicated to the biocultural regeneration of the region in collaboration with the indigenous Kichwa-Lamistas, the descendants of pre-Columbian inhabitants, as well as with the local Education Board of the district of Lamas.

SCBR is bringing together an expanding collective of scholars, activists, healers, artists, and shamans that cross the North-South divide. The Center’s mission is to integrate politics and spirituality, activism and scholarship, biocultural regeneration and fair economic practices, with the goal of nurturing intercultural dialogue. SCBR’s mission is to strengthen the ancestral legacies and other practices of the Kichwa-Lamistas in dialogue with them as well as to regenerate the pre-Colombian Amazonian Black Earth of millenial fertility.

The Center operates out of the beautiful grounds of Casa La Sangapilla, a complex of buildings and lush gardens designed collectively by the Sachamama team. The architectural vision of Casa La Sangapilla draws on eco-friendly, local indigenous design and technology. Casa La Sangapilla is located on the outskirts of Lamas on two acres of forested land, with panoramic views of the Cordillera Escalera mountain range, and an ecological swimming pool.

The Sachamama Center offers Summer Programs to international students. Here are some examples of the course contents:


  • learn to make Terra Preta (a perennially fertile pre-Columbian anthropogenic soil) and construct Biochar Ovens in native communities
  • Education and Sustainability – ecological projects in native community schools
  • learn about Amazonian medicinal plants
  • learn indigenous and mestizo organic “slow food”
  • learn indigenous crafts such as ceramics, waist band weaving and more
  • Classes of Quechua
  • Tantric Ecology Workshop – planetary regeneration with Indian and High Amazonian practices
  • Spanish Language and Peruvian Cultures: learning through gastronomy and indigenous permaculture
  • Ecology, Technology and Indigeneity in the High Amazon

The courses are directed to Undergraduates, MA and PhD students.

The courses include room and board; local course related transport; payment to leaders of rituals and to visited communities; tuition

How to get there: The Sachamama Center is located in the Peruvian High Amazon in the town of Lamas. The nearest airport is in Tarapoto. There are daily flights from Lima, the flight takes about one hour. There are also buses from Lima to Tarapoto (about 28 hours). SCBR will pick up students at the Tarapoto airport for the half hour ride to Lamas.

For more information on course offers and prices please contact us.