Umbrella group of Peruvian organizations for children and adolescents

Company / Institution

Umbrella group of Peruvian organizations for children and adolescents.

Function / Working area

The organization coordinates projects on the following topics:
* Violence and drug prevention
* Elaboration of studies and reports
* Action against child labor
* Political advocacy for children’s rights
A collaboration is possible in all areas.

The following tasks are executed by interns:
– Preparation of and participation in meetings with authorities
– Preparation of different activities of the organization
– Suggestions for improvement for the info material
– Contact with other organizations of the network
– Participation in different campaigns and activities
– Collaboration on the monthly Newsletter
– Social Media support
– Fund Raising support


The organization is looking for communication experts, but also needs students from careers like political science, sociology, education and law.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work