Sustainable development and ecotourism in the Amazon region

Company / Institution

NGO for sustainable development and liable ecotourism with projects in the Peruvian Amazonas region.
The NGO aims at strenghten the lifestyle and autonomy of local indigenous communities and support their social and economical sustainable development.It further works for environment protection and biodiversity.

Function / Working area

Interns can collaborate in one of these four areas:

1. Solidarity and liable tourism: attendance to tourist groups in the Amazonas region (e.g. cruises on the Amazonas river), promotion for the tourist activities abroad, administrative office work, support in selective activities related to sustainable ecotourism
2. Anthropolgy and sociology: project development based on the diagnosis of local needs, internal project evaluation
3. Economy and communication: support in Fundraising and in the international communication of the NGO
4. International cooperation/project management: collaboration in the daily NGO activities, support in administrative and financial tasks, reporting, national and international Fundraising, on-site project monitoring


The internships are geared towards students of careers like tourism, anthropology, sociology, economy, communication and international cooperation. Interns need good Spanish and English skills.