Spanish company for the installation and integration of modern house automation in residential houses and office buildings

Company / Institution

Spanish company with offices in Spain and Peru. The company works in modern building equipment and appliances (control of temperature, lighting, curtains, blinds and alarm systems). The company also integrates Multimedia Systems (Audio and Video) in private homes or public buildings and private firms. By means of the installation of this house automation the buildings interact automatically with the people living in them.

Function / Working area

The company collaborates with architects, engineers, designers, project developers and building enterprises in building new residential houses and office buildings, aiming at creating energy-efficient, secure, networked and healthy urban spaces.
The work areas are technical advice, prescriptions, installation, turnkey projects plus pre-sales and post-sales services. Work is in engineer projects and projects for the integration of house automation, also in projects for energy saving and energy efficiency. Interns can collaborate in all fields.


For this internship students of Architecture and Engineering are needed, as well as experts in IT and communication technology. Also students from areas like Marketing and Branding are most welcome. Spanish skills are not obligatory for this internship, work can also be done in English.