Rural primary school in the Colca Valley

Company / Institution

Rural primary school in the idyllic Colca Valley, situated in 3,500 meters of altitude in the South Peruvian Andes. The rural school is managed by a Peruvian NGO which aims at providing neighboring children from underprivileged families with access to quality education in order to support social inclusion. To achieve this, the NGO develops strategies for an environment with familial and social relations that support the children’s development and interaction.

Function / Working area

One focus lies on the boost of the children’s creativity. Interns and volunteers teach art, dance, music, theater and languages (English). Interns/volunteers can also collaborate in the following areas:
– Communication and PR
– Finance and accountancy
– Fundraising Events
– Health: medicine, odontology, psychology and social work
– Construction (buildings and school gardens)


The internship/volunteer work is geared towards persons from all careers who bring commitment, responsability, respect and empathy. At least basic knowledge of Spanish and average knowledge of English are required.
In the spare time there are many possibilities to explore the picturesque Colca Valley.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work