Psychosocial recovery for victims of political and social violence

Company / Institution

Non-profit organization for the psychosocial recovery and health of vicitims of political and social violence and for human rights.

Function / Working area

1. Psychological attendance: psychotherapy, psychoanalysis with psychosocial focus, psychiatry, physiotherapy for victims of torture, social attendance (social work)
2. Capacity Building: seminars and workshops for relevant social protagonists (employees in public service, human rights activists, social workers, students…)
3. Political intervention: fair access to proper public services. Influence on public policies for mental health, collaboration with state authorities.
4. Research; project planning and project management.


The internship is geared towards students of social sciences, psychology, social work and similar subjects.
Also people with experience in the development of social and non-profit projects and with experience in Fundraising are needed.