Empowerment of female and underaged domestic workers

Company / Institution

NGO for human and labor rights of female domestic workers and against child labor.
The NGO seeks for partners in state institutions and in the civil society in order to integrate people into the society who are excluded because of poverty, sex, age, skin color, language or culture.
The NGO runs its own meeting place for female domestic workers of all age groups to stimulate their self-esteem, make them aware of their rights and to give them support.

Function / Working area

The NGO works in the following areas:

– Dominical encounters for girls and young women who work as domestic workers
– School coaching and
lessons for the children of the domestic workers (e.g. English lessons) – Consulting in labor law, support in the administration of personal documents
– Consulting in sexuality and family planning, help with psychological problems
– Workshops (self-esteem, rights and duties, dance, theatre, cooking, etc.)
– Excursions
– Training of current or former female domestic workers to leadership figures who inform the colleagues in their districts and in public places about their rights and organize campaigns.
– Elaboration and distribution of information products for a broader audience


Several and regular outdoor missions in the course of this internship (visits to schools and homes, assignments with the psychologist…). Sundays are the most important days for the work with adult women. Work with minors is basically from Monday to Thursday, for example in their schools. Field work takes place in the district of San Juan de Miraflores in the south of Lima. The institution receives students of many careers but mainly students of social science (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Communication, Pedagogy etc.).

Also eligible for Volunteer Work