Promotion of reading and installation of libraries in Peruvian schools

Company / Institution

Social enterprise for the set-up of attractive and working libraries in schools in the whole country. Children without access to books shall be animated to read. 65 % of Peruvian pupils don’t understand what they read. They know how to read but don’t understand the texts due to the lack of access to books. This high number of functional illiterates shall be reduced with the help of this project.

Function / Working area

The social enterprise is financed through donations of big companies and acts in coordination with governmental efforts to promote reading among Peruvian pupils. Nationwide, deprived schools are detected and equipped with attractive and working libraries.

Volunteers in this project do the following tasks:

  • School visits in the whole country
  • Talks with teachers, parents and pupils, explanation of the project
  • Construction and design of the libraries together with the beneficiaries
  • Ideas and proposals to promote reading
  • Cooperation with publishing houses, selection of books
  • Office work


The cosy office of the enterprise in Lima is situated in the attractive district of Barranco. Interns get exciting insights into the Peruvian educational system and the living conditions of many people in the country. The internship is open for everyone who is interested in politics and social issues. It is also applicable for volunteering. Participants should at least have basic Spanish skills.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work