Projects with children and adolescents affected by poverty and violence in Iquitos

Company / Institution

NGO attending the basic needs of children and adolescents affected by poverty. The NGO offers several projects to improve the living conditions of this part of the population.

Function / Working area

– preventing violence and assistance to children, adolescents and women who became victims of violence
– direct help for the aggrieved parties
– training for professionals who deal with victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse: doctors, nurses, gynecologists, obstetricians, psychologists, clercs and policemen
– proposals and measures for the reduction of school dropout, help for children and adolescents who are on the brink of dropping out of school, direct collaboration with families, teachers and the local school authority
– apiculture as a contribution to improve the economical situation of local families affected by poverty
– healthy nutrition


The internship is geared towards students and volunteers of different careers who are experienced in or willing to work with people in difficult social situations in order to assist them. Fluent Spanish skills are necessary.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work