Projects that connect children and adolescents with nature, converting them into ambassadors of change who adopt and spread sustainable life styles

Company / Institution

Organization that connects children and adolescents with nature, converting them into ambassadors of change who adopt and spread sustainable life styles.

The organization helps children and adolescents to develop knowledge, skills and values in order to be able to react to the complex of environmental problems and build communion with and love for nature. In 2012, these projects were recognized by the Unesco as being exemplary educational projects for sustainable development.

Function / Working area

Interns can collaborate in the following areas:
Communication and Marketing: support in administration, creation of content for the Online Channels of the organization (investigation and publication of news); making and editing of pictures and videos for the documentation of projects; design of brochures and animated GIF’s about the projects; development and application of Marketing strategies on the organization’s services and products
Projects: development of proposals, projects and educational programs for sustainable development; collaboration in the development of instruments for the evaluation of impact and reached results in the projects; analysis and reports on qualitative and quantitative project Indicators; development of activities and workshops on sustainable development topics, like for example: cultivation of eatable and medical plants; alimentation and healthy life; environment protection (treatment of waste: separation, recycling, compost etc.); conservation of biodiversity (recuperation, protection of flora and fauna habitat)
creation of arts and crafts (seeds, woodcraft, embroidery, coloring of fabrics with natural colors)
ecological tourism (the organization as a tourist destination)
fabrication of natural construction materials (ecological bricks etc.)
art projects (dance, music, theater, painting)
teaching of languages


For this internship you need:
– at least medium Spanish skills
– interest in environmental topics
– interest in work with children and/or adolescents
– to be proactive

The internship is geared towards students of careers like administration, sociology, communication studies (journalism, tourism, marketing, graphic design), science (biology, engineering, forestry, life sciences, environmental management), social science (education, psychology, social work).