Projects for rural business development, support of democratic and sustainable processes in the north of Peru

Company / Institution

Ecumenical organization for development and democracy. Their work is based on the keystones justice, tolerance, transparency and solidarity. The organization does training courses for leaders of civil society, entrepreneurs and small producers as well as civil servants and authorities of the local and regional administration. It works on the topics strenghtening of democratic institutions, sustainable use of the environment and preservation of the biodiversity and support for local small businesses under the consideration of sustainability.

Function / Working area

Interns can work in all programs of the organization. The programs are:
– Civil society and democracy – transformational leadership, political education, development and area planning, local business development, gender perspective, social inclusion
– Sustainable use of the environment and natural resources – sustainable use of water, water infrastructure and watering systems, construction and improvement of infrastructure, water treatment, advice for public and private facilities regarding the use of natural resources
– Sustainability and economical strenghtening of family-based farming – training courses and technical advice, technological innovation, research on economical, technological and financial dynamics, support in foreign commerce, training courses and advice on integral production systems for family-based small farming, preservation of the agricultural biodiversity.


The internship is geared towards students of political science, economy (with a focus on environment and sustainability) and life sciences and agronomy.