Organic farming and Fair Trade

Company / Institution

NGO for the support of small producers and collectives (organic farming and Fair Trade; products: coffee and cane sugar) in the Departaments of Lambayeque, Cajamarca and Amazonas. The NGO works on the following topics: rural development cooperation, gender equality, international trade (Fair Trade) and environment protection.

Function / Working area

Subject areas for internships:
– Agriculture, agronomy, agribusiness
– Environment
– Social Education
– Education (children, adolescents and adults)
– Marketing

Possible tasks:
– development of new distribution channels (Coffee, Cacao, Panela, Arts and Crafts, wood products…) for the producers
– support of an integrative rural development through the sustainable use of natural resources
– environmentally friendly production
– product export and foreign trade
– project management
– formulation of own projects

Further programs are: forestation initiatives against the climate change, international cooperation, solidary tourism, cultural exchange.


Internships can be done in the main office in Chiclayo or in the rural producers’ cooperatives; the latter provide accommodation and meals to the interns. Interns support the small producers and collectives in direct contact.
The internship is especially geared towards students of forestry, agronomy, law, economy (international business), life sciences, administration, sociology, tourism and marketing.