Poverty reduction programs in precarious districts of Lima

Company / Institution

Latin-American organization with poverty reduction programs in precarious districts of Lima. The NGO works in horizontal development projects with the local communities, responding to their needs.

Function / Working area

Interns are needed for the folowing areas:

  1.   Development projects – Design and execution of development projects, responding to the needs of every community in which the NGO works. Ideal for persons who are interested in the management of social projects.
  1. Communication – This area takes care of the external perception, contact with the sponsors and the strengthening of the internal communication channels. Ideal for photographers, community managers and experts in comunication studies.
  1.   Fundraising – This area is responsable for the contact with the donors, partners and allied companies in order to secure the finacial sustainability of the organization. Ideal for persons with an economic background (business administration, marketing…), or persons interested in Fundraising.


The internship is geared towards students of different careers: social work, human ressources management, communication science, economy, psychology, pedagogy etc. At least medium level of Spanish necessary.
Also eligible for volunteer work.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work