NGO for indigenous rights and a plural and equitable society

Company / Institution

NGO of indigenous people, promoting a plural and equitable society and respect for indigenous people in Peru. A focus lies on the rights of indigenous women.

Function / Working area

Collaboration is possible in one of the following programs:

1. Indigenous women – programs for the empowerment of indigenous women in order to give them an active roll and leadership in the context of work and family.
2. Alimentation: Promotion and acceptance of traditional diets with regional products from the Andes.
3. Communication: Promotion of self-governing projects of indigenous people to strengthen indigenous identities.
4. Education: Elaboration of an integrative and intercultural education policy with a focus on indigenous values and knowledge.


This internship is geared towards students of the following careers:
Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, History, Museology, Nutritional Science, Psychology, Communication, Arts, IT, Graphic Design, Languages and Translation. At least a medium Spanish level is necessary.
Minimum length of the internship: 3-4 months.