NGO for human rights

Company / Institution

NGO for human rights, working with a plural-disciplinary approach.

Function / Working area

The NGO works on the following four topics:

1. implementation of the recommendations of the committee of truth and reconciliation
2. eradication of torture
3. combating violence against women and children
4. collective rights, inclusion and development for the indigenous people

Interns can work in all fields. Research and practical work on-site is both possible. Collaboration of interns is especially needed for:
– international view on human rights (integrated strategies)
– international communication
– juridical research, support in submitting cases of human rights abuses to courts
– socioeconomic research
– translation
– support in project design
– research and action on post-conflict topics


Geared towards students of social science, law, philology and communication. Good Spanish skills (oral and written) are necessary.
The minimum duration of this internship is four months.