International NGO for sustainable democratic reforms, political consulting and election monitoring

Company / Institution

International NGO engaged in transparency and democracy, working towards sustainable democratic reforms. The NGO does political consulting and election observation.

Function / Working area

Interns can work on the following topics:
* Assistance to political parties, with an emphasis on program proposals, especially addressing poverty and inequity.
* Promoting dialogue, consensus building among political and social leaders
* Strengthening of capacities for political activists around the country.
* Assistance to Congress and Parlamentarian groups.
* Promoting a new National Consensus on the State, Democracy and Development, with an intercultural approach.
* Debate on proposals for legislation to ensure gender mainstreaming and the inclusion of ethnic minorities. Assistance to electoral and other public institutions to improve their technical, regulatory and oversight capabilities, especially with regard to gender equality.
* Empowerment of female political party members and parliamentarians, building their skills so they can compete with more opportunities.

Interns support the different teams, collect information (in different languages) and do research on different topics, prepare material and help in the organization of events. Attendance at different events and congresses.


The internship is geared towards students of the following careers: political science, law, communication and similar careers. Also IT and administration students are needed.
Interns should have very good Spanish skills and bring an interest in politics, democracy, elections and political parties.