Horse Riding Center and Hostel by the Lake Titicaca

Company / Institution

Horse Riding Center and Hostel, managed by a German-Peruvian couple. From the site it’s just a few hundred meters to the Lake Titicaca. The site offers lake views, riding lessons and riding holidays. Through their activities the owners want to raise awareness of a nonviolent and natural contact with horses in the region. The Horse Riding Center has 12-14 horses of all ages available; they live in a high valley in almost total freedom.

Function / Working area

Assistance in daily tasks (shopping, breakfast preparation, looking after guests)
Assistance in the Restaurant Peruvian and Italian cuisine)

Work with horses and agriculture:
Observation and work with horses
Break in horses
Horse care
Development of trail rides for tourists, tour testing
Fence repair
Sowing of Alfalfa
Tending and milking of cows

Veterinary medicine:
Handling of parasites in the high valleys


The internship is geared towards students of agronomy, veterinary medicine, tourism and business administration. It is also eligible for voluntary work. Board and lodging are free. The isolation of the highlands means a life without warm water, electricity and internet during the stay.
The stay should be at least of 4-6 weeks. Spanish skills are a plus but not necessary. English is important for the communication with the guests.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work