Environmental consulting in the Amazon region

Company / Institution

Peruvian NGO, engaged in good governance, sustainable development and promoting the rights of indigenous people in the Amazon region. The NGO works coordinated with the local government of the Loreto region and with organizations of the civil society on the following topics: environmental reports, land use planning, environmental studies on economical large-scale projects in the region. The location of the internship is Iquitos.

Function / Working area

Interns support the NGO in the following topics:

– sustainable infrastructure
– renewable energies and climate change
– administration and transparency in forestry


The internship is geared towards jurists, political scientists, engineers and students of similar careers with course specialization in environmental studies, sustainable development, conflict resolution, mining, Amazon etc. Good organization and team skills, good capability of analysis and writing informational texts for different peer groups are requirements for this internship.