Environment programs and reforestation of the Amazon rain forest

Company / Institution

Austrian-Peruvian NGO in Ucayali and Lima, engaged in sustainable forestry in the Amazonas rain forest and the improvement of the general living conditions of local indigenous tribes.

Function / Working area

A collaboration is possible in these areas:

1) Forest protection and reforestation projects
2) Field and plantation work
3) Construction and maintenance of tree nurseries
4) Operation of Sacha Inchi farms (cultivation, processing and distribution)
5) Compost Management
6) Project Management
7) Installation of solar and hydro power
8) Sewage and waste disposal
9) Legal defense (Lima)
10) Fundraising (Lima)


The internship is geared towards students of life sciences, agricultural science, environment engineering and law.
Another focus is on the sustainable and ecological economy (food production and und distribution), so the internship is also geared towards sales engineers and students of business studies, marketing and similar careers. In addition the internship is open for everyone who wants to be involved in ecological projects or gain new insights.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work