Educational projects in the Peruvian Northern Andes

Company / Institution

Non-profit organization formed by a community of educators and “popular” educators from different backgrounds. It seeks to contribute to building a society where men and women share the same rights on justice, freedom and solidarity. The project is based on the principles of popular education, multiculturalism, human rights and nature.

Function / Working area

The organization applies pedagogic strategies and methodologies to improve the teacher’s work and the educational material in local schools. It also facilitates an educational space to the community of Huamachuco, reflecting reasons and consequences of political violence and how to prevent it for the future. What’s more, it provides self-governing educational services: library, bakery and carpentry.

Interns and volunteers can choose from the following activities to take part in the program:
– community schools: Accompaniment of children and adolescents in the various workshops & classes such as mathematics, communication, English language, theater, sport, dance, computer, handicrafts, among others.
– pedagogy training for teachers in rural schools
– community education with fundamental social organizations
– media campaigns to promote the project in order to receive support from other international organizations; support in administration
– promotion of alternative work from the project: sale of products (crafts and others) in the international market; workshops on pastries and cakes for children, adolescents and adults from the province; workshops on carpentry for children, adolescents and adults from the province
– internal and external communication: maintaining updated the website and social media sites of the project.
– implementing communication campaigns on various topics; teaching alternative ways of communication: mural painting, etc.


The internship is geared towards students of various careers, e.g. pedagogy, social work, communication. A minimum knowledge of Spanish is required. The place is located at an altitude of 3,269 meters above sea level in the North Andes. Interns/volunteers get accommodation for free.

Also eligible for Volunteer Work