Defense of social and ecological rights of miners and coast dwellers

Company / Institution

Peruvian NGO in defense of miner’s and coast dweller’s rights in order to improve their living conditions. The NGO campaigns for amendments and public measures for the mentioned sectors and builds alliances with organisms of international cooperation. What’s more the NGO offers consultancy and research and cooperates with local governments, public and social entities, national and international NGOs, public institutions of other countries and multilateral organisms.

Function / Working area

Collaboration in communication / webdesign:
• update of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and communication with followers
• creation of banners
• web and blog updates
• daily news updates
• participation in institutional events

Collaboration in law / politics:
• compile and organize information on relevant environmental topics
• monitoring of the legal situation
• law interpretation
• preparation of working papers

Collaboration in environment:
• Analysis and systematization of environmental impact studies
• Identification of problems for residents in mining areas; elaboration of alternative solutions
• Technical assistance and support to local residents on issues regarding environment and eco-friendly economy and production methods
• Approaches for adaption in mining areas due to climate change

Collaboration in Fund Raising:
• Identification of financial facilities on national and international layer (Peru, Europe, USA)
• Support in the presentation of projects to foundations, donors, funding competitions etc.


The internship is geared towards students of communication, web design, law, political science, economics and life sciences. The length of the internship is between three and six months.

Requirements for an internship in communication / web design:
• experience in web design (Corel – Photoshop – Illustrator)
• experience in work with social networks; Community Manager (Facebook – Twitter – Youtube)
• experience with joomla and/or wordpress

Requirements for an internship in law / political science:
• knowledge of environmental law, constitutional law and administrative law
• support in lawsuits

Requirements for an internship in environment:
• Studies of life sciences, agronomy, geology, chemistry and the like
• Analytical skills
• Good English skills and at least medium Spanish skills

Requirements for an internship in Fund Raising:
• Studies of economics, international relations, politics / human rights and the like
• Good English skills and at least medium Spanish skills