Civil Protection in Mining Areas

Company / Institution

Social enterprise for the reduction of risks and dangers the population in mining areas is confronted within. The institution executes the APELL program (Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at the Local Level) by the des UN environment program (UNEP). By means of the program companies and the local population are able to handle environment and mining risks and react on and protect themselves against emergencies and catastrophes.

Function / Working area

The institution consists of en expert team for methodologies of participation, pedagogy, strategy and dynamics which strengthens the awareness for risk reduction in the local community. The APELL program is geared towards the general public and its grassroots organizations, educational institutions, emergency services and other public and private institutions in mining areas. The execution of the APELL program implies the following tasks:
– support of the local population and its institutions in identifying dangers in their surroundings
– reduction of dangers related to natural disasters and mine accidents
– improvement of the reactivity in emergency situations in the local population, educational institutions and public services
– reduction of social conflicts by means of coordination mechanisms, preparation and collective reaction in answer to emergency situations and catastrophes
Interns can collaborate in all areas.


The internship is geared towards all people with an interest in civil protection, mining and development cooperation. The internship takes place in the Andean highlands on 3000-4500 meters a.s.l. which requires being in good physical shape. The work rhythm is usually 10 days work and then 5 days off (can be adjusted individually). Accommodation is provided for free during workdays. On days off interns could stay e.g. in the nearby provincial capital Huaraz.