Center for traditional medicine and addiction aid in the rainforest region

Company / Institution

Center for traditional medicine and addiction aid.
The institution is situated in the rainforest region
. It combines modern therapy methods with the use of traditional alternative healing methods.
A laboratory for the development and production of alternative remedies made of Amazonas plants is affiliated to the center.

Function / Working area

Work is possible in the following areas:

Psychotherapy – collaboration with the team of therapists, case studies, participation in therapeutic group workshops; process evaluation, gathering and administration of clinical data bases

Laboratory – insights into research and production of natural remdies; national and international distribution, Marketing

Work is also possible in IT, laboratories for the production of medical plants, administration, infrastructure, gardens.


The internship is geared towards students of psychology and medicine who are interested in alternative healing methods.
Work in the lab is geared towards chemists but also students of sales and distribution or Marketing. At least a medium level of Spanish is necessary.