Internship in Peru

We offer interesting internships in Lima and many other places all over Peru.

Working in Peruvian and international NGO’s, public entities and Peruvian companies means you can apply your knowledge and learn more in a new and different surrounding. We offer placements in all areas: development cooperation, environment protection, social work, psychology, pedagogy, journalism, tourism, economy, marketing…

During the whole placement process we give you professional advice and will take care for your safe and successful stay in Peru.

Peru is a country full of unique beautiful nature, history and culture. The diverse landscape, the rich fauna and flora and, last but not least, the archaeological treasures of ancient cultures make Peru one of the most popular travel destinations in Latin America. The eclectic food and the friendly Peruvian people with their traditional lifestyle are also reasons for visitors to feel so comfortable in Peru.

Discover South America, learn Spanish, have a unique professional and cultural experience – there are so many good reasons for a stay in Peru!


How to apply:

On the page Internship Positions you will find our current placement offers. Independent from the offers on our website we can organize an individual internship for you that fits exactly to your needs.

For your nonbinding request, please fill out our form for internships with the relevant information for us and your future workplace.

And then?
After having received a deposit of 75 € (USD 85) and your CV, we immediately start to organize your internship. The rest of the total amount is only due right before you start your internship. If you contact us from outside of the EU you can also ask for alternative payment options. We recommend to start planning your stay in Peru with sufficient time in advance in order to plan your trip without hassle and to find exactly the internship you want.

For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good to know before you start

Some facts about our internship programs:

Work experience
The internship placements offered by INSIDE PERU are open to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge or gain first work experience doing an internship abroad. We organize internships for students and graduates, people who already have gained work experience or pupil who want to gain work experience abroad before they start their University studies. Requirement is in any case to have reached legal age.

Knowledge of Spanish
For a successful internship, basic knowledge of Spanish is required. Some companies and organizations also ask for advanced knowledge of Spanish. That’s why INSIDE PERU offers Spanish courses (individual or in groups), held by experienced language teachers. All classes are designed for individual needs.


Most of the internships offered by INSIDE PERU are unpaid. In some cases though, companies pay a small incentive.
Cost of living in Peru

Health insurance
The possession of an international health insurance for the whole time of your stay in Peru is in any case required. You can get an international health insurance in your country of origin.

Length of the internship
You define the length of your internship. However, we recommend a stay of at least two months in order to get the most out of it. In some cases, two months is the minimum duration for an internship. On the other hand, we recommend not to plan your internship being longer than six months, due to the fact that you usually won’t get paid.


quoteI was very happy with my work place and my tasks. I enjoyed working with people from marginal social areas and I gained a lot of new impressions and experiences. My work was very independent but I could always ask a colleague when I had doubts or questions.
Judith Mader, Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg, Germany