How safe is Peru?
During the last years Peru has become much safer. Anyway, there are still problems with small crime delicts. Especially in buses, crowded places and tourist hot spots there is a lot of pickpocketing going on. Serious traffic accidents occur quite often on interurban bus trips, and also tourists are among the victims. That’s why we absolutely recommend only to travel with bigger and well known bus companies. They might be slightly more expensive, but they are also safer. Smaller providers – often without license – tend to contract inexperienced drivers and don’t respect rest periods. Moreover, some small companies don’t conduct the necessary technical revisions on their buses. Also this leads to grave accidents.

Being a “gringo” you call the attention if you want it or not. Because of that, we recommend you to pay attention to the following precaution list:

  • Don’t visit poor districts or only go there with locals you know and trust and who know the place
  • Don’t show your belongings like money, cameras and watches when walking around
  • Be careful with distraction tricks in crowded places, for example when you get off a bus or when you leave a bar, restaurant or a crowded event
  • Always keep an eye on your belongings like bags and wallets. In cafés and restaurants, don’t put your belongings on the backrest; keep them close to your body
  • Keep important things like your credit card, flight tickets, passport or huge amounts of money in a safe place or at least keep them on your body
  • Make a photocopy of your passport and keep it in a safe place, separated from other belongings
  • Only take official taxis
  • In intercity buses, always keep an eye on your hand luggage. Try to travel with big and well known companies although it might cost more – they are safer

You can find more security advices on the website of your country’s Department for Foreign Affairs.