The districts of Lima


The district Miraflores is Lima’s fine address by the sea. You can stroll around by the waterfront or in the parks and there are countless meeting points like cafés, restaurants, bars and night clubs. Many interesting shops and the usual brand-stores are located in this district. In the Mall Larcomar you’ll find a theater and cinemas, exclusive shops, fine restaurants and discos, all with ocean view included. Miraflores doesn’t only attract tourists, it’s also a place many young people choose when they move into their first own apartment. Beside the many modern buildings there’s also the ancient Miraflores with noble mansions of Lima’s old-established aristocracy, which had their preferential residence here. The many parks of Miraflores like Kennedy, Reducto, Salazar, Parque del Amor and Parque de la Costa Verde are a real vantage. And you can also find many culture centers like Centro Ricardo Palma, Centro Británico, ICPNA and the Alianza Francesa. For nightlife try the clubs of Larcomar and the streets Calle de las Pizzas, Berlín and Esperanza. The rental prices in Miraflores are high though. For a small furnished apartment in the center of Miraflores you will pay round about 350 € (USD 450) per month.

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Barranco is the traditional Bohemian district of Lima. Many writers and artists live here, which is reflected in the interesting night life and many bars and taverns of this zone. Barranco is a small district by the coast, situated between Miraflores and Chorillos. In many of the beautiful old fin de siècle-buildings today you find museums, bars and art-galleries, especially around the main plaza and by the coast. Countless churches, plazas and parks complete the picture. People appreciate the proximity of the sea, the sunsets and places to stroll around like „Puente de los Suspiros“, „El Mirador“, and the „Paseo Sáenz Peña“. By night, places like La Noche, Mochileros or Sargento Pimienta get really crowded and there are many small live shows, especially in the Peñas, where you can find the typical Peruvian creole-music. Rental prices in Barranco vary, depending on the location and the age of the building. Central apartments in good conditions are available from 200 € (USD 250) per month. Modern apartments with ocean view are usually more expensive.

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San Isidro

This district is close to Miraflores and it’s characterized by its mixture of modern business centers and quiet residential areas. In the west it opens up to the sea. Many embassies and company head offices can be found here. This district is also known as the financial center of Peru. Similar to Miraflores, San Isidro possesses many bars, cafés, restaurants and exclusive shops, as well as art galleries, theaters and cinemas. It’s a clean and quiet district but central at the same time. The high living standard and the many company buildings make San Isidro one of the most expensive districts in Lima.

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San Borja – Surco

These districts are situated in the south-east of Lima. Since they are not by the ocean, the climate is drier here. Surco is much bigger than San Borja and divided in two different zones: Surco Viejo (borders on Barranco) and Surco Nuevo (borders on San Borja and Miraflores respectively La Molina). Surco Nuevo and San Borja have in common their modern architecture. The oldest buildings in this area date from the late 70s. Many buildings (mostly four- or five-storied) have been built recently, often close to parks, especially in San Borja. Rental prices are lower than in Miraflores, but it’s difficult to find ready-furnished apartments. The big traffic arteries in Surco like Benavides, Tomas Marsano, Aviación, Camino del Inca or Javier Prado Este are well connected to public transport. In Javier Prado Este you find the biggest shopping mall of Lima: the Jockey Plaza.

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Pueblo Libre – Jesús María – Lince – Magdalena

These four small districts lay all close to each other, nearby the city center. During the last years there have been built a lot of new apartment-buildings, which led to a modernization of the area.
Jesús María, Lince and Magdalena are connected to San Isidro via Salaverry, Prescott and Dos de Mayo avenues, so you can get there quick, as well as to Miraflores. The climate is wet, especially in Magdalena, due to its proximity to the sea. Especially the districts close to San Isidro are basically residential. You find supermarkets and all important services, while rental prices are lower than in San Isidro, Miraflores or Surco. There are less ready furnished apartments though. Safety can be a problem in busy areas of these districts, for example close to market places. Residential areas possess private security and police stations.

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San Miguel

This is a busy district in the west of Lima, only 15 minutes from the international airport Jorge Chávez. In San Miguel you can find countless commercial centers, handcraft fairs, supermarkets, banks, Money Exchange, casinos, bars and restaurants. Business in this district is characterized by a huge variety and good prices. San Miguel has access to the sea, which makes its climate rather wet. In contrast to other districts close to the sea, San Miguel doesn’t have many places to stroll around by the ocean, except the recently refurbished Malecón Bertolotto. The most recommended places to live are located west of La Marina Avenue, which is the principal avenue of the district, as well as the area of Maringa; these are the most residential zones. Rental prices are lower than in Miraflores, San Isidro, San Borja or Surco, but the district possesses all important services. Security can still be a problem in some areas of this district, especially close to La Paz Avenue.

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